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Apparel Testing          

The apparel testing carried out at S.R.L according to international standards by expert personals. Also test performs as per international chain stores standards like Walmart, K mart, Ikia, Nike, etc.

We provide the following types of testing:

  • To Color Fastness To Washing (Multifiber) Test
  • To Perspiration Acidic Test
  • To Perspiration Alkaline Test
  • To Dry Clean Test
  • To Water Test
  • To Dry Transfer in Storage Test
  • To Chlorine Bleach Test
  • To Non-Chlorine Bleach Test
  • To Hot Pressing Test
  • To Sea Water Test
  • To Chlorinated Water Test
  • To Crocking / Rubbing (Dry) Test
  • To Crocking / Rubbing (Wet) Test
  • To Light MBTL Lamp Test
  • To Light XENON Lamp Test
  • Shrinkage / Dimensional Stability Test
  • Appearance After Wash Test
  • Skew ness / Pilling Cross Staining Wash Test
  • PH Determination Test
  • Pilling Resistance (Box Method) Test
  • Pilling Resistance (Martindil Method) Test
  • Dye Identification Test

Further tests and request for quotations can be obtained at Contact Form.

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